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Bringing a taste of home to Alberta

“When you travel abroad, you don’t go to McDonalds. You ask the locals what they eat.” That’s how Davide Veronesi feels about wine, too. Through Matterealize Wines, Davide is bringing local Italian wine to Alberta dinner tables.



When Davide Veronesi moved to Alberta from Italy six years ago, he found that much of the Italian wine available in the province was not what the locals would drink back home. Davide decided to change that.

He wanted Albertans to have access to the kind of wine that Italian families would have at the dinner table, rather than just the brands that were focused on exporting. So in 2016, Davide began importing wine to Alberta.

The wine he’s currently importing - a bold and fruity Ripasso - has been met with positive reviews, particularly from Calgary’s Italian-Canadian community. Davide says the community has played a pivotal role in spreading the word about the company and ordering the wine themselves.

His wine importing business also gives Davide a chance to stay connected with his roots and combat the “culture shock” of moving to North America after growing up in Italy.  His family has been in the wine business for generations, and Davide himself would work in the vineyard every summer.


The Next Big Step

Matterealize Wines is looking to raise $5,000 through ATB LendR to increase its portfolio of wines. This $5,000 loan will enable the company to add one wine SKU to the portfolio.




Davide Veronesi

Davide Veronesi grew up in Italy and moved to Alberta six years ago. He runs an established design company in Calgary, called Matterealize Design, and in 2016, decided to branch into the boutique wine importing business. Matterealize Wines helps Davide bring authentic Italian wines to Alberta while also keeping him connected to his own roots.

Lending Profile

Matterealize Design Inc

611 Lake Linnet Cres SE

Calgary, AB

T2J 2J3


Shareholders: Davide Veronesi 100%

Matterealize Design Inc is an Alberta Corporation.


Description of Business

Matterealize Wines is a boutique wine importer in Calgary focused on bringing truly local Italian wines to Alberta. Rather than providing wines from the major exporting brands, Matterealize Wines seeks to import the kind of wine Italian families would drink around their own dinner tables. The company currently imports one wine, a Ripasso, into the province.


Use of the Funds

Matterealize Wines is looking to raise $5,000 on ATB LendR. These funds would enable to company to increase its portfolio by purchasing another SKU and importing a second wine. Ultimately, Matterealize Wines aims to have 10 SKUs in its portfolio.


Terms of LendR Loan

Loans will have a term of 1 years (12 months), beginning after the loan is successfully funded. Matterealize Design Inc. will repay the principal plus 15% interest, calculated as a blended loan. Matterealize Design Inc. will make monthly payments of 1/12 the total repayment amount. Matterealize Design inc. may not prepay the whole or any part of the principal sum under the Loan without ATB’s written approval, which may, at the sole option of ATB, be conditional on paying a prepayment privilege equal to 3 months’ interest payments.


Risk Factor

Matterealize Wines has been in business for almost 2 years.  There are financial, operational, and market risks for any business. Some that apply specifically to this business include:

  • The wine importing market is extremely competitive

  • Being a smaller company, it may be difficult to reach potential customers

  • Larger companies may be able to offer the similar product(s) at a lower price.



This lending profile does not contain a statement that, in a material respect and at the time and in light of the circumstances in which it is made, is misleading or untrue and it does not fail to state a fact that is required to be stated or that is necessary to make a statement not misleading.

Certified as of: September 27, 2018

By: Davide Veronesi



Launched: 11-Sep-2018
Funding Ends: 27-Dec-2018
Amount Required: $2500
Term: 12 months
Interest Rate: 15%

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