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Our Story

Experience a Difference in Designated Driving

Sisters Stacey Pruim and Lydia Flynn want you and your vehicle to get home safely after a night out. What’s more, they believe that experience should be safe, reliable, professional and even enjoyable—every time. Those beliefs drive (get it?) every aspect of their designated driver company, Drive My Ride.


Our Story

Drive My Ride launched in 2016 as an alternative to what Stacey and Lydia felt was a limited market for designated driving services in Calgary. Lydia had spent nearly seven years working as a driver for one of the existing companies, and found that the longer she drove, the more stories she heard from unhappy customers who felt they had no alternative for getting home at the end of the night with their vehicles. She shared those stories with her sister, and eventually the two decided that they were going to be that alternative. Stacey packed her bags and left North Carolina to move back to Calgary and get Drive My Ride up and running.

Drive My Ride prides itself on its high level of professionalism and customer service. And for the company, that starts with hiring great drivers. Stacey and Lydia are extremely discerning in their hiring of new drivers; they’re looking for committed, team-oriented folks who are dedicated to delivering a great experience for their clients every time. When they arrive to pick up a client, they’re easily identifiable in their highly visible branded apparel. They’re approachable, friendly and professional - exactly the kind of person you’d want to trust behind the wheel of your own vehicle. In order to attract and retain that kind of employee, Stacey and Lydia knew they’d have to do things differently. They also knew that it would be important to recognize the sacrifices their employees made: working on nights, weekends and holidays, staying up late, and often dealing with challenging customers. To that end, all of Drive My Ride’s drivers are paid a guaranteed income, whether or not they get rides during their shift. It’s a key part of what sets Drive My Ride apart from the competition. By creating real jobs for their drivers, they are better able to retain high quality employees - something that can often be a challenge in today’s gig economy.

Although some might balk at the concept of starting a new business during a recession, Drive My Ride intentionally launched at the height of the downturn in 2016. That experience showed Stacey and Lydia that even in the worst economic times, their business would still be viable. More than that, it’s an important line of work that can truly save lives.


The Next Big Step

Drive My Ride is looking raise $100,000 through ATB LendR in order to improve their processes, marketing and cashflow. The business plans to:

  • Implement a dispatch web application that will better suit the business, as their current system is designed for taxis

  • Develop integrated mobile driver and client apps

  • Increase marketing efforts and awareness of the company

  • Ease cash flow issues that may arise when hiring new drivers



Lydia Flynn

Lydia Flynn knows what it’s like to be behind the wheel for a designated driving company. Prior to starting Drive My Ride with her sister Stacey, Lydia spent almost seven years driving for the largest most established designated driving company in Calgary. That time gave her firsthand knowledge and invaluable insight into the changes that were needed to better the industry and provide an exceptional experience for both drivers and passengers alike. An additional 15+ years in the food and beverage industry in both staff and management roles adds to her comfort level and awareness of responsibilities placed on licensed establishments. Her approach to business and marketing has been to build relationships, promoting DMR as a partner and an extension of their business and giving them a confidence to recommend DMR to their clients. With a certificate in illustration as well as a degree in fine art, Lydia brings a creative flair to the branding and marketing efforts of DMR. Lydia personally designed the DMR logo, website graphics and illustrations. Everything she does is with passion and great consideration, keeping it meaningful and original. Now that the driving teams’ operations have been well established, Lydia looks forward to ramping up DMR’s social media presence and to focus her efforts on educational campaigns and informative articles on their blog as well as community events to reach what has historically been an untapped market.

Rebecca Pruim

Rebecca helps bridge the skills of the two sisters. She transforms Lydia’s creations from pencil, paint and paper to the digital world. All things digitized at Drive My Ride have made their way at some point past Rebecca’s desk. Rebecca rounds out quite nicely the technical and creative sides, solidifying the whole brain company feel at Drive My Ride. From financial reports, to dispatching cars, to social media banners, Rebecca is comfortable and has a versatile skill set that can be used to support a range of operational needs.

The Rest of Our Team

Our team members understand a higher level of service. Their professional conduct, skilled driving abilities and friendly, outgoing personalities give our clients every reason to call back. They wear our uniforms with pride and go above and beyond, sharing a passion for our mission to make it safe and easy for people to use our service.

Stacey Pruim

Stacey brings a wealth of experience to Drive My Ride as a result of her lengthy career in the change management industry. She teaches and preaches “the lean approach” – it is engraved in her bones. A Systems Design engineering graduate from the University of Waterloo, she determined early on in her career that if you wanted to invoke change you could really only do that through people. A champion for staff and continuous improvement, she has led projects saving hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for those organizations she’s helped lead. She is known for her success in turning around struggling teams, helping organizations transform cultures, creating robust decision support analytics and leveraging technology to impact change in process outcomes. Many call her a data geek but they can’t really argue with her stance that what is measured - grows! She is determined and resourceful and rarely takes “it can’t be done” for an answer 😉 After corporate success across multiple business sectors in Canada and the States, Stacey went on to create her own small business coaching/consulting firm focused on the providing creative entrepreneurs with fortune 500 service levels at a price tag they could afford. Stacey found this more meaningful than manufacturing widgets, but she jumped at the chance when her sister called to use her skills to co-create a mission based company like Drive My Ride. The siblings both have known people impacted by drunk driving and felt strongly they could build and grow a better business than what was currently available to Calgarians.

Lending Profile

About the Business

Drive My Ride Inc.

24 Signature Way SW

Calgary, AB

T3H 2V8


Drive my Ride Inc is an Alberta Corporation.


Key Personnel

Sisters Stacey Pruim and Lydia Flynn are the co-founders of Drive My Ride. Lydia decided she wanted to launch this company after spending nearly seven years working as a driver for another designated driving company in Calgary. Stacey, who spent 30 years working in the corporate sector as a process engineer and consultant, immediately jumped at the opportunity and has been working with her sister to not only grow the business but distinguish it from any competition.


Description of Business

Drive My Ride is a designated driving service in Calgary, Alberta. Launched in 2016, the business offers customers a way to get themselves and their vehicles home safely at the end of the night. Drive My Ride is dedicated to creating a quality experience for both their customers and their employees. The company’s drivers are paid a guaranteed income, whether or not they get rides during their shift.


Use of the Funds

Drive My Ride is looking raise $100,000 through ATB LendR in order to improve their processes, marketing and cashflow. The business plans to:

  • Implement a dispatch web application that will better suit the business, as their current system is designed for taxis

  • Develop integrated mobile driver and client apps

  • Increase marketing efforts and awareness of the company

  • Ease cash flow issues that may arise when hiring new drivers


Terms of LendR Loans

Loans will have a term of 2 years (24 months), beginning after the loan is successfully funded. Drive My Ride  will repay the principal plus 15% interest, calculated as a blended loan. Drive My Ride will make monthly payments of 1/24 the total repayment amount. You may not prepay the whole or any part of the principal sum under the Loan without ATB’s written approval, which may, at the sole option of ATB, be conditional on paying a prepayment privilege equal to 3 months’ interest payments.


Risk Factor

Drive My Ride has been in business for two years. There are financial, operational and market risks for any business. Some risks that apply specifically to this business include:

  • New competition. If a new business with greater access to capital were to enter the market in Calgary, Drive My Ride may encounter challenges in trying to maintain its own competitive position.

  • Good drivers are hard to find. As with any business that relies on high-quality, professional staff, Drive My Ride is extremely selective of its drivers; there may be a temporary strain in service levels from time to time as the team is built to match its growing volumes.



This lending profile does not contain a statement that, in a material respect and at the time and in light of the circumstances in which it is made, is misleading or untrue and it does not fail to state a fact that is required to be stated or that is necessary to make a statement not misleading.


Certified as of: September 28, 2018

By: Stacey Pruim



Launched: 24-Sep-2018
Funding Ends: 29-Dec-2018
Amount Required: $50000
Term: 24 months
Interest Rate: 15%

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