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Our Story

We may have spent more time on our company than our video but we’d love to show you what we are working on!  Click here  It’s a functional development site so it may contain bugs, but it will show you the possibilities.  Please try the “browse realtors” button and make sure to click on someone to view their stats.  Feedback is always appreciated as we develop further.

Matching customers with the right realtor

A simple Google search tells you all you need to know about the challenges of choosing the right realtor. With millions of results, dozens of ads and hundreds of reviews to sift through, it can be a daunting task to find the right person to buy or sell your home.

That’s where Keylo comes in.


Our Story

Founders Ryan and Craig Mracek developed Keylo out of necessity. Ryan was going through the process of buying and selling a home, and found that technology was making the process more difficult. Is was almost impossible to find objective information about potential realtors, and they were reticent to choose someone based solely on word of mouth.

Keylo uses an evidence-based approach to finding the right realtor for those looking to buy or sell. They combine key analytics (such as how fast the realtor typically sells a home) and feedback (such as online reviews) to score realtors and match them to the right people.

Here’s how it works:

Customers go through a brief intake process online and then connect with a Keylo employee for an informational interview. That conversation helps Keylo determine the buyer’s or seller’s priorities and needs in a realtor. Based on that information, Keylo determines the best potential realtor for the customer.

Once Keylo has found what they believe is the right match for the customer, the company will reach out to the realtor. If the realtor and customer end up working together through Keylo, the company takes a percentage of the realtor’s commission. This structure keeps the service free for customers, and helps realtors to easily connect with more potential clients.

It’s all about building good relationships, Ryan Mracek explains.


The Next Big Step

This fall, Keylo will be piloting a new product in Halifax that they plan to roll out across the country. This product will give customers the chance to filter through the Keylo’s database of realtors, look at their scores, and find the right match themselves.

Keylo’s LendR loan will support software development and marketing for the product, which the company plans to release in Alberta after the pilot in Halifax.




Craige Mracek

Based out of Ottawa, Craig runs Keylo in partnership with his brother. Craig is a lawyer and REALTOR(®) with over 10 years of business management experience. He has worked in the public, private, and non-profit sectors and launched two previous startups.

Ryan Mracek

Ryan had been wanting to start his own business since he started university, but took what he calls “the safer route” towards a career in accounting as well as project management in the oil patch. But the draw of entrepreneurship never faded, and he’s now working on Keylo with his brother Craig.

Lending Profile

About the Business

Key Personnel

Born in Manitoba but raised across the country, Ryan and Craig Mracek know many of the markets in which they’re working. The pair had always wanted to start a company together, though Ryan ended up working in accounting and project management while Craig earned his law degree. Eventually, their lives aligned enough for the two to launch Keylo in June, 2017.

Description of Business

Keylo is an evidence-based, solution to finding a realtor online. The company takes the guesswork and heavy lifting out of the process of finding a realtor by matching individual customers with the best match for their needs. Keyloe uses a complex scoring system based on both analytical and qualitative data to find the best fit. The tool is free for buyers and sellers to use, while Keylo offers realtors access to a greater number of potential clients in exchange for a percentage of their commissions.

Use of Funds

This fall, Keylo will be piloting a new product in Halifax that they plan to roll out across the country. This product will give customers the chance to filter through the Keylo’s database of realtors, look at their scores, and find the right match themselves.

Keylo is seeking a $100,000 LendR loan. This loan will support:

  • Software development for the new product: Keylo currently employs four full-stack developers.

  • Marketing: Pending a successful pilot in Halifax, the company plans to release this new offering across the country.

Terms of LendR Loans

Loans will have a term of 2 years (24 months), beginning after the loan is successfully funded. Keylo Inc. will repay the principal plus 15% interest, calculated as a blended loan. Keylo Inc. will make monthly payments of 1/24 the total repayment amount. Keylo Inc. may not prepay the whole or any part of the principal sum under the Loan without ATB’s written approval, which may, at the sole option of ATB, be conditional on paying a prepayment privilege equal to 3 months’ interest payments.


Risk Factor

Keylo has been in business for one year. There are financial, operational, and market risks for any business. Some that apply specifically to this business include:

  • Obtaining a large enough market share in order to compete with larger U.S. businesses who may enter the Canadian market


This lending profile does not contain a statement that, in a material respect and at the time and in light of the circumstances in which it is made, is misleading or untrue and it does not fail to state a fact that is required to be stated or that is necessary to make a statement not misleading.

Certified as of: September 12, 2018

By: Ryan Mracek





Funding Ends: 13-Dec-2018
Amount Required: $50000
Term: 24 months
Interest Rate: 15%

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